Since 2007, we have led the effort to permanently protect your online data. We have been at the forefront of cyber security ever since.


Our Mission

Our company was founded on the simple principle that people should be protected from cyber-crime and online threats as well or better than they are protected against physical crime. Although there are numerous agencies that talk about cyber-crime and write laws, policy, and procedure, there are very few who put the cyber safety and security of everyday people and business foremost in their minds. At Securencrypt, we do just that.

Securencrypt security products can protect you from financial loss, identity theft, damage to your reputation and embarrassment.
— Michael Johnson, Securencrypt CEO



Our core values are more than just words. They are the fundamental guiding principles of our company and our people. The goal of each individual person at Securencrypt is to share our expertise and passion for security with you in all of our products and service. When we are able to successfully protect you from cyber-threats, that goal is reached.

  • We are constantly innovating & investing to change the industry status quo.
  • We give people peace of mind because our products really work!
  • We genuinely exist to serve our customers, our employees, and their families.
  • We don’t meet industry standards, we create them.
  • Integrity above all.
  • Business security should be simple; we make the complex simple.

What We've Achieved

The world’s first and only patented Remote Authentication Encryption (RAE)

  • SE-RAE is the most powerful, flexible, and easy to use encryption ever invented.
  • The process does not store, keep, or manage your data. Encryption is only applied to the data wherever it resides.

  • SE-RAE is device specific, meaning that only registered devices may be used to encrypt/decrypt information and communication.

  • This encryption process separates the data being encrypted from the encryption keys.
  • Data can be encrypted on any PC or in any cloud storage provider, and shared.
  • Satisfies all Compliance Law requirements quickly and simply.
  • Intuitive- SE-RAE requires little to no end user training in order to successfully encrypt data.

A new type of interactive Online Protection & Security (OPS) system.

  • SE-OPS active security blocks hidden threats BEFORE they can harm the device.
  • SE-OPS uses proprietary Interpretive Behavioral Analysis to detect and BLOCK suspicious system activity created by malware such as Keyloggers and other Malware, and Ransomware.
Courtney • 14 mins