featuring Electronic Data Life Cycle (EDLC)™ 

Once data is created, it exists forever


How can you keep track of all the places your data has been to make sure its secure? Advanced Encryption technology allows Securencrypt to protect your valuable information through encryption, so you can rest easy and so can your data.




Securencrypt RAE is the only Remote Authentication Encryption in the world

“I’ve never seen or used a software for encryption that is easier and more convenient, SE-RAE delivers. “
— Courtney Bradley, CEO of Arrow Media & Design

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Securencrypt RAE combines the strength of our patented Remote Authentication Encryption with the convenience of Cloud Based, Applied Encryption, to give you the most secure, versatile, and easy to use protection available today. This remarkable product gives you the ability to secure information contained in files and/or folders and in email communication and attachments in a single application.



Remote Authentication Encryption means that your encryption keys are never stored near the encrypted files or email.




Cloud based



Cloud Based means that your data can be encrypted locally or in the cloud and accessed from any Windows Device.



Applied encryption means that we never store or keep any of your private information.  Encryption is only applied to information in milliseconds through a remote authentication process.  It is not necessary for the process to handle or retain any of the encrypted information or communication.


SE-RAE includes a fully encompassing Electronic Data Life Cycle (EDLC)™ protection feature found nowhere else!

What is the Electronic Data Life Cycle?

All transactions secured through PayPal

Individual use

Securencrypt encryption was created for businesses who are serious about security.  But, it is so simple to install and easy to use, that anyone can benefit from the extreme security of Remote Authentication Encryption. 

  • Protect your most personal, private information on your PC, in the cloud, or on any removable device with a single click. 
  • Send encrypted documents to trusted people through any email.
  • Send encrypted, private emails through Microsoft Outlook

Nothing protects your private information like encryption.


Commercial Use

Easy to use, extremely secure encryption moving at the speed of business.  Secure private information and protect your reputation.



Securencrypt has solved the increasing challenge of how to secure email and attachments without slowing down your business. RAE Mail Encryption keeps your business moving while making you more secure and compliant.  Our email encryption is not just Endpoint-to-Endpoint encryption, it protects your information throughout the entire Electronic Data Life Cycle (EDLC).  EDLC is quickly becoming the new industry standard for encryption protection. Don’t be left behind.



Currently, you can secure your private email on Outlook. Soon, you will be able to enjoy the protection of Remote Authentication Email Encryption on any device and any email. 

Click Here to see how to setup any email in Outlook.

Cloud File & Folder Encryption

No matter where it is stored, if your PC or Windows Device connects to it, you can encrypt information anywhere..  Whether your data is stored on your local hard drive, removable hard drive, USB key or in the cloud, you can protect it with a single click of SE-RAE Encryption.


Typical Cloud Access Security Brokers work by intermediating traffic between cloud apps and users. They provide audit logs, security alerts, compliance reports, and access control as a means to control data security. This can be an extremely complex undertaking that, by its very nature lends itself to compromise. Security solutions should be extremely strong, but focused entirely on the end goal- to keep data secure. SE-RAE is the perfect solution for any company looking for security for their data stored in the cloud.  It is simple to implement, easy to use, and extremely effective. 


Combine RAE with our SE-OPS technology for maximum security. 

A single solution won’t completely secure your business.  A combination of solutions, such as SE-RAE and SE-OPS, is necessary to provide “Complete” protection against the countless threats facing every business.


Currently for use only on Windows Devices

Windows 7 through 10. MS Outlook 2007-16.

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