Securencrypt Online Password Security is a personal computer monitoring system designed to protect your privacy by protecting your passwords while working and browsing online.

Ransomeware Detection & Prevention

With millions of hackers in the world, each possessing the ability to create a new Ransomware variant in a few minutes, there is virtually no limit to the number of Ransomware threats that can exist at any time. The only way to effectively detect, block, and remove Ransomware is through the use of detecting unusual behavior in a computer. 

Easily Enroll & Manage Users

SE-OPS for enterprise is supported by our industry leading admin console. Manage and deploy licenses, control access levels, monitor devices, and have virtually unlimited device and system level analytics and threat monitoring, while reducing the support burden on your IT department. 



SE-OPS keyboard encryption prevents any interception of and interpretation of keystrokes between your keyboard and applications.


SE-OPS scans for known Keyloggers and also detects keyboard "Hooks" that are present in every Keylogger, creating "Real-Time" detection.



SE-OPS finds and destroys "Third-Party Tracking Cookies"  are hidden from view and cannot be found in your "Cookies" folder. 

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