Remote Delete Service


In the event that the user’s laptop or PC is lost or stolen, any sensitive file or folder can be silently deleted. Alternatively, users can opt to have the entire device wiped.

  • Remote Authentication Encryption requires that the device Authenticate to the SE servers to decrypt/encrypt data.

  • No data useable data can be extracted from the device’s hard drive without the encryption key, which is stored remotely.

  • If the device connects to the internet in an attempt to authenticate once Remote Delete is activated;
  • The Remote Delete process starts immediately and automatically, and can never be stopped
  • If the device is “Powered Down” prior to all data being destroyed, the process will resume immediately if any power is applied to the hard drive.
  • SE RAE is “Device Specific”.  No data can be removed from the device and decrypted, in an attempt to circumvent the Remote Delete Process.

Sign Up for Remote Delete Service

In order to enable the Remote Delete service,

  • Contact SE and share security information known only to the account owner
  • Confirm user identity through multiple authentication process
  • Identify the device containing the information
  • Determine what information is to be deleted from the device
    • Only encrypted data
    • The entire device 
  • Users can request reports containing the current status of the remote deleted data.

To sign up for SE Remote Delete Service on your device, please enter the information below and click enter. You will be taken to the shopping cart to check out, once all information is entered and confirmed.

Current SE Account Name *
Current SE Account Name

To activate SE Remote Delete, login to your account, or call 1-888-208-8733 and select “Remote Delete” from the options.

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