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Why do I need SE-OPS?

Are you concerned about your privacy on the internet? You should be, and judging by the fact that you are looking at this page, there is a good chance that you are ready to do something about it.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I ever buy anything online with a credit card or online payment account? Am I doing online banking or managing my credit cards online?Do I use social networks?Do I do online gaming?Do I want my browsing history to remain private?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, every time you go online, you are at serious risk of identity theft, financial loss, or loss of privacy. 

Now you have a choice to make.

Would you like to be in control your internet privacy?  Do you worry about Identity Theft?Would you like to login to your Banking site knowing that no one could capture your login credentials/passwords?Would you like to be able to use your credit card online without worrying that the number is being captured by a hacker or other intruder?Would you like to be able to login to your favorite online game knowing that no one was going to steal your login credentials?Would you feel safer browsing the internet if you knew mysterious Third Parties weren’t tracking your every move?

Keyloggers and tracking cookies are the biggest threats to online privacy, but, what are they?

Keyloggers are a serious threat to Personal Computer users because they can steal every keystroke on your keyboard and capture screenshots of what is on your computer screen at any time.  They can steal information from your computer without a trace. (Read More- About Keyloggers)

Tracking Cookies track and send your browsing information to uninvited Third-Parties without your knowledge or consent. (Read More- About Tracking Cookies)

SE- Online Protection/Scanner contains a powerful Keylogger Blocker/Scanner/Remover which will prevent even the sneakiest Keylogger from capturing your private information.  Add to that, a Virtual Encrypted Keyboard that you can use to enter all of your private login information, or credit card information without running the risk of having that information captured by a Keylogger. Tracking Cookies are Detected, Blocked and Removed before they can transmit any of your browsing information. You can see them blocked and removed in “Real Time” in the information windows. (Read More- Biggest Threats To My Online Security)

Stop Intrusions into your privacy. Let SE-OPS (Securencrypt Online Protection/Scanner) allow you the freedom to browse, work, and shop, on the internet safely.

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