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What are the biggest threats to my online security?

The answer is simple - Keyloggers and Tracking Cookies.

Reports say that at least 75% or all hacks or intrusions involve a Keylogger. These are the quiet assassins lurking in the depths of your computer, quietly and efficiently gathering information about you and sending it to a wide variety of people and entities. They are capturing your usernames and passwords. They are sending information about everything you do on the internet to….Well…Who knows!!!!  Once the information is gathered, it can be used to send you cute little pop-ups that try and get you to buy products that you recently searched for, they can be used to skew your search results,, or,,, they can be gathered by any other friendly or not so friendly entity (government or otherwise), that wants to know what you are doing on the internet. 

A virus may lock up your computer and hold you hostage until you rid yourself of it, or pay the ransom.  It may slow down your computer, or make it completely non-functional, but, by itself, it usually won’t spy on you without your knowledge. Keyloggers, by themselves, or imbedded in Malware or other virus, are much more dangerous to the security of a personal computer than any other virus. Keyloggers can quietly capture all of your important login information and secretly send it to a hacker or cyber-crime network.

Your Identity may be easily compromised, and your private Banking and Credit Card accounts easily hacked.  Any time you enter a credit card number to pay for something online, your account is in jeopardy. Using a good Keylogger detection and removal application along with an Encrypted Virtual Keyboard is the only way to insure that your keystrokes aren’t being stolen. Should you stop using your Firewalls and Antivirus Software? Absolutely Not!!  They are very important parts of your total security package. But, you should not totally rely on them to keep you completely protected from Data Thieves and Spies.

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