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Tracking Cookies

A hidden thief in your everyday browsing is the Tracking Cookie.   Sounds pretty benign, doesn’t it?  Actually, who doesn’t like cookies?!  They sound harmless enough. Every site has a cookie, doesn’t it?  Sure, they do…  But, there are more types of cookies.  Cookies with a much more sinister purpose, like Tracking Cookies. Below is everything you could want to know about these non-delicious Cookies.

Tracking cookies are cookies that are placed on web pages by Tracking or advertising companies that actually TRACK and immediately report exactly what you are doing on the internet. These tracking cookies are responsible for giving you those popup ads that you see all the time.  They are responsible for skewing your browsing results, because they gather tons of information and report it back to…Who?  Tracking Cookies are the ultimate “benign” spyware.

Tracking cookies don't show up in your browsing history. They aren't deleted when you click the "Remove Cookies" option in your browser. They hang around and report everything you do to hundreds of "people" and entities throughout the world.

We have found many web pages that contain no less than 40 different tracking cookies.  This is EACH PAGE on a website.  And, every page has more than the last one.  If you think that it’s OK for someone or some entity that you don’t know to track your every move on the internet, by all means don’t worry about removing tracking cookies from your system..  If you want it to stop, simply install SE-OPS and let it do its thing.

So, who is putting these dozens and dozens of invisible Tracking Cookies on your computer, that you didn’t authorize or expect, that are capturing your browsing habits/history and sending them immediately to, ummm, where?? Who is spying on you without your permission?  It’s really impossible to track down exactly who can get this information.  Once it leaves your computer, it doesn’t matter whose name is on the Tracking Cookie, there is no way to know where it is going to end up.  The only way to stop them for sure is to find these cookies, block them before they have had a chance to share your information, and immediately remove them with SE-OPS.

Tracking Cookies are a serious privacy concern. This concern is so severe, that they are considered illegal in the US and UK. (Read More-I Already Block Cookies)

From the minute you install SE-OPS on your computer, it will start looking for tracking cookies in the browsing history of all of your internet browsers - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and more. You will see SE-OPS hard at work scanning your system for tracking cookies as the alerts start to appear in the lower right corner of your screen. You can watch SE-OPS locate and remove these tracking cookies in real time, or you can choose to disable the popups and look at reports later.

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