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What does SE-OPS do?

Securencrypt online password security is a personal computer monitoring system designed to protect your privacy by protecting your passwords while working and browsing online.


  • Detects, Blocks & removes Keyloggers from your personal computer

  • Detects, Blocks & removes Ransomware

  • Detects and removes Third Party Tracking Cookies from your personal computer

SE-OPS works on the premise that Keylogging is one of the most dangerous threats to personal computing online, and that Tracking Cookies are the most prominent intrusion into our online browsing habits. 


  • Scans for known Keyloggers in memory.

  • Detects and blocks applications attempting to use a “Keyboard Hook” on your device.

  • Prevents unauthorized Screen Captures.

  • Provides the ability to use an Encrypted Virtual Keyboard to make secure entries of Bank Account numbers, Credit Card numbers, and Login Credentials.

Detecting a Keylogger manually or with the basic system scanning tools is almost impossible. Keyloggers are specially programmed to escape detection and will be able to hide themselves from the basic security tools.


Tracking Cookies have been deemed such a serious threat to privacy, that they are actually illegal in some countries, including the US and UK. (Read More, Understanding Cookies and Tracking Cookies)  SE-OPS uses a proprietary system to Track, Block, and Remove Tracking Cookies from your personal computer. This system is integrated with the Keylogger Detection system and continually searches for Tracking Cookies on your computer. 

When you first install SE-OPS on your computer, you may see tracking cookies being detected and deleted from your computer for several minutes.  We have seen computers with hundreds of Tracking Cookies stored in memory when SE-OPS was run for the first time.  

The best way to detect and clean them is to download more technologically advanced and specialized software such as SE SE-OPS. Running these programs on your computer is the best way to block a Keylogger from being able to run in your system. 

In the unlikely event that a Keylogger does get through all of the protection software, having your private information encrypted by SE File and Folder Protection will render anything that the hackers steal unusable.

And: Always, always, always, back up your important data.  Put it on a USB drive, back it up to another device, or use a reputable data backup company such as Carbonite to back up your important files. There are many available, and most are very affordable.

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