SE-RAE Email Encryption

SE Mail – Encryption for the entire Email Life Cycle 

Is your business really protected? Are you fulfilling all of the Compliance Law requirements for your industry? Are all of your emails encrypted and made unreadable during the entire email Life Cycle? Many businesses believe that the obligation to protect ePHI/ePCI contained in an email begins and ends with securing the “Transmission” of the email.  Although becoming something of a ….  it just isn’t true. And, unfortunately, this type of faulty thinking can create very serious damages from Compliance Law violations. 

Imagine that your company processes only about 100 emails a day that contain some form of ePHI/ePCI. And, that ALL of those emails are handled in such a way that they are actually in violation of one or more Privacy Compliance Laws. Quick math tells us that in an average work year of about 250 days, that there are approximately 25,000 emails in your business’ possession that are in violation. Using the HIPAA ruling that each violation can cost as little as $100.00 per violation, you can see that it doesn’t take long to reach the maximum allowable penalty of 1.5 Million dollars per year. Now, imagine that you have been doing this for the last 10 years.

Securencrypt’s Patented Remote Authentication Encryption process insures that your email will always be completely protected for the entire “Life Cycle” of the email.  It is imperative to understand that the true “Life Cycle” of an email is not just from the time it is sent to the time it is received.  While this is partially true, observing the True “Life Cycle” of an email is actually much longer.


The true Life Cycle of an email begins when it is composed by the sender, and ends when it is opened, CLOSED, and STORED by the recipient.  Compliance Laws, such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and GLB mandate that email communication containing ePHI and/or ePCI must be secured (by encryption) at all times, throughout the entire life cycle of the email. This means that the moment an email containing ePHI or ePCI is composed, it MUST be protected until it is opened by the recipient, but the obligation to protect that information does not stop there.  

There is also the matter of email becoming “Data at Rest” during its Life Cycle. Once sent by the sender, the email must remain encrypted in the “Sent Items” folder, because it is still ePHI/ePCI data “at rest." Just because the email has been sent, does not mean that the responsibility of the sender is complete. Unless the sent item has been deleted, it must be protected (by encryption) in an unreadable condition in the sender’s “Sent Items” folder. 

The same level of protection holds true for received email.  Received mail containing ePHI/ePCI generally remains in the recipient’s inbox, in a readable format.  This email still contains ePHI/ePCI as data at rest, and MUST be stored in an unreadable condition unless it is permanently deleted.  As with email in “Sent Items” folder, the only appropriate way to store email containing ePHI/ePCI in an Inbox is to apply encryption to theses emails as well.

This means that a system based in TSL/VPN type of secure transmission is leaving much of the life cycle of an email totally un-protected.

Securencrypts Remote Authentication Encryption software enables end-point to end-point encryption of email and attachments or large files of any size while meeting all Privacy Compliance Standards. At install, Encrypt” and “Decrypt” buttons are added to the Outlook toolbar. Simply click “Encrypt” before sending an email.

  • Secure Email with Remote Authentication Encryption quickly and easily
  • Become HIPAA compliant
  • Attach Large files of nearly any size with a single click
  • Utilizes Securencrypt’s Patented Remote Authentication Encryption
  • No Encryption Keys or Login Credentials are stored on your device
  • Encryption Keys and Login Credentials are accessed from the Securencrypt Proprietary 
  • Secure Authentication System, where they are protected them from potential intrusion or 
  • theft.
  • Available as an “Enterprise” Private Email encryption system
  • Designed for use with Microsoft Outlook (2007-2013)

SE Mail is designed to be used with Microsoft Outlook.  The installed toolbar makes sending and receiving encrypted documents and sending and receiving large attachments, (encrypted or not encrypted) extremely easy. 

SE Mail encryption will soon be available for use on any device.

Courtney • 14 mins