Cloud & Desktop Encryption

Businesses are far more likely to suffer a data breach or data loss from a lost or stolen Laptop or USB device than they are from a server hack.

Current data shows that the theft or loss of unencrypted laptops and USB drives rapidly becoming the leading cause of data breaches. Think about it; these devices are now very appealing to cyber-criminals because they are much more likely to contain “sellable” data than they were even a few years ago.

Because most businesses are not yet familiar with the entire Electronic Data Life Cycle (EDLC™), it is difficult to understand how important it is to protecting their private information.  Applied Remote Authentication Encryption is the only way to simply and effectively secure information on any device, or in the cloud.

Control your own encryption keys.  Create your own secure encryption network. With SE Enterprise RAE.  

SE Cloud & Desktop Encryption is a HIPAA compliant professional file encryption software that can encrypt any type of file or all content within any folder that you select. Encrypting your private information, whether it is stored in the cloud or on your desktop or laptop, is imperative.  If you have data stored in the cloud, don’t trust the cloud storage provider encrypt your data, insure that it is secure by encrypting it yourself.

Whether stored in the cloud, or on your desktop or laptop, encrypting private information is easy and extremely secure;

  • Simply right click, select encrypt, and click. 
  • Decrypting is the same: right click, select decrypt, and click. 
  • Compatible with all file formats and with all cloud storage systems
    • Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive
  • SE Cloud & Desktop Encryption is the best file encryption software.

Spam filters, Firewalls, Privacy Settings, Passwords and Anti-virus programs all offer defensive measures against broad based attacks, but none of these offer any defense against targeted data theft. Add to these defenses Securencrypt’s Patented Remote Delete feature and you can delete any and all information from your device if it is lost or stolen.


Courtney • 14 mins