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Layered Security Solutions

SE-OPS behavior based, artificial intelligence engine is a core piece of your enterprise layered security solutions. Anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall stop short of protecting against the most evolved, zero day threats. SE-OPS is the final layer, and protects against: 

   •   Ransomware

   •   Key Loggers

   •   Crypto Mining 

We say run the test, prove it. 

Ransomware has become a commodity, easily purchasable and deployable from the dark web. Dozens of vendors claim their products protect against evolving zero day threats. We say run the test, watch us deploy a multitude of attacks to devices with and without existing ransomware software. 

How it works?

A constantly evolving AI engine learns and understands how your system behaves, and responds to irregularities and threats. 

SE-OPS for Enterprise Companies

SE-OPS for enterprise is supported by our industry leading admin console. Manage and deploy licenses, control access levels, monitor devices, and have virtually unlimited device and system level analytics and threat monitoring, while reducing the support burden on your IT department. 

Where You Need Us. When You Need Us.

Our network of managed security service providers, backed by our internal technical support team are on stand-by to support you SE-OPS implementation. From resources, to support to reporting, we're here to start protecting your business.

"Ransomware is now the No. 1 cyber threat to small businesses, more than viruses or malware. The average ransomware attack cost a small business over $47k" 
- Tech Republic
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Start protecting your business from the most evolved, most expensive and most common threats in existence. 

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