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The world’s only Remote Authentication Encryption

Most Secure Encryption Available
Easy to use – One Click Encryption
Endpoint to Endpoint Protection
Patented Encryption Key Protection
HIPAA Compliant Messaging and Data Storage
Protects Login IDs and Passwords
Enhances Identity Protection
Prevents Recording of Keystrokes
Prevents ADs from following you on the web
Removes tracking cookies Real-Time


For business



Easy to use HIPAA Compliant Encryption

Remote Authentication Encryption

  • The only encryption solution that protects data at rest and in motion (as required by HIPAA)
  • Encrypt sensitive data with a single click
  • One click email encryption for Outlook
  • Attach files of nearly any size to email
  • Easily encrypt files in any cloud storage
  • Easy to install and administer
  • Employees learn to use encryption in minutes
  • Securely share encrypted files
    • In the cloud or locally
    • Only with people you trust
  • No data is stored or handled by SE
  • Remote Authentication Encryption stores encryption keys off-site in an exceptionally secure “Binary Entanglement” process
  • No “Back Doors”

For home


Protects your passwords from theft by Keyloggers

Detects and removes 3rd party tracking cookies from your PC

Keylogger Blocking and Removal

  • Shields your keyboard and ensures that no-one is recording your keystrokes as you type passwords.
  • New technology operates real-time to immediately identify and remove threats before they do damage.
  • Blocks unauthorized screen captures and interception of keystrokes

3rd Party Tracking Cookie Blocking and Removal

  • Prevents tracking of your online movement and sending of your search history and shopping habits to advertisers
  • Removes unwanted cookies before they send your information to advertisers and profilers
  • Ensures your privacy and anonymity on-line

Recently, TrueCrypt disclosed that they are not secure and have closed their doors.  They have posted this message on their website:

WARNING: Using TrueCrypt is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues.

If you are a former TrueCrypt user, you will probably be looking for a new, free encryption solution.  Hopefully, one that is much more secure and easier to use than TrueCrypt.  Although we normally sell SE File & Folder Encryption for $29.95, we will be offering it free of charge to former TrueCrypt users for a limited time.  Read on to see why SE File & Folder Encryption is the best encryption solution for you.

 Securencrypt – “The Next Generation of Protection”

Giant browser cookies could be used to create a denial of service (DoS)

Giant cookies could be used to create a denial of service (DoS) on blog networks, says infosec researcher Bogdan Calin.

Such an attack would work by feeding users cookies with header values so large that they trigger web server errors.

“The vulnerable browser won’t be able to visit that origin until the cookies are cleared.

“When a browser visits one of these [user-controlled] subdomains it will allow a cookie to be set on the parent domain [which] means that when a denial-of-service by cookies attack is launched, the victim browser will not be able to visit the parent domain or any of the subdomains.”

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